SWG-TA is continuously building its network of training service providers. If your firm would like to be a part
of this world-wide network of training companies, please contact us.

We will discuss current opportunities, future business vectors, and how we might together offer training ser-
vices around the world.

SWG-TA’s philosophy is to ‘spread the wealth’ regarding opportunities. Where your firm is the best fit, we will
match you with potential customers and opportunities to leverage your skills and optimize our customer’s
training solutions.



SWG-TA identifies training opportunities all over the world.

We move very quickly.

We are not political; we work as a meritocracy—the team that’s the best fit gets the first opportunity.

If you have a training company and are looking to become part of a network that will open international
training opportunities to your firm, and you can agree with our approach… contact us.