SWG-Training Academy Facilities


The SWG-Training Academy encompasses multiple facilities throughout the Unites States to provide training across a wide range of environmental conditions and platforms. Key characteristics include:

  • Multi-length runways and water runways as required
  • On site air hangers
  • On site classrooms and simulators
  • On site dining and accomodations (site specfic)


The SWG-Training Academy European facilities are located at a former NATO base and main training facility for French Naval pilots. Key characteristics include:

  • Facility was specifically built for aviation training: pilots, mechanics and operators 
  • Air hangers on site 
  • 2,440 m runway 
  • Unique flight training environment with close access to 58 airfields for VFR training and 36 airfields for IFR training Ideal weather conditions – average of 300 flight days per year 2,500 m² ground training building equipped with class rooms, offices, rest areas, simulator installations and prayer rooms